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Guidelines for Feedback on Proposals

October 18th, 2013 by Jason Tougaw · No Comments

Write each member of your writing group a short letter in response to his or her proposal draft. Be sure to address the following questions in your letter:

1. Has the writer included two or three paragraphs and included the elements listed in the proposal guidelines (an explanation of the project topic and genre, a list of texts, and a description of methodology, and a research plan)?

2. What is most intriguing about the project?

3. Is there anything about the proposal that confuses you or leaves you wanting to know more?

4. Does the project seem manageable? Can the writer accomplish the aims s/he articulates? Are the methodology and the genre a good fit for the questions and texts the writer proposes to explore?

5. Can you suggest any sources, ideas, or questions that might be helpful to the writer? If not, can you suggest ways to focus it further?

6. Which of the  paragraphs is strongest? Which is weakest?

7. Is the writer’s sentence-level prose clear and readable? Is it free of typos and errors with regard to punctuation and grammar?

Bring this letter to class. We’ll workshop your drafts in class, and you’ll exchange letters toward the end of the workshop.

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