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Rufus May – Living Mindfully with Voices

October 30th, 2013 by Kristina Bodetti · 1 Comment

I thought this was a great video. It had a lot of cuts and I might be cool to see his entire lecture. What he says makes sense and is consistent with most of the other things we’ve read about hearing voices. Treating these people through this unusual methods as opposed to drugs is a great thing. Medication can’t solve all the problems a mental illness causes and all medications have side-effects, which for some may be worse then their symptoms.

Its so important with any mental illness to treat the person suffering from it like any other person, to not make them feel like some sort of freak which is sadly often the case. Feelings of seclusion and being “abnormal” can only make such illness and the experiences of the individuals worse. What this guy does to help them is great. Helping them to live the way they want despite hearing voices is important.

He describes a lot of the same things we’ve read about. He describes patients doing better with mindfulness and by having a understanding with their voices that patients who do poorly don’t have. His lecture is just another piece of evidence for getting out of the chem lab and finding new ways of thinking about how we treat mental illness.

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  • Samantha Gamble // Oct 30th 2013 at 4:28 pm

    I also agree that this was a great video and think that it is important that there be other methods of treating individuals who hear voices than only offering medications.

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